Corporate publicity

Corporate publicity

Client: Tigrett Corporation


The principals of Tigrett Corporation were both working full-time and dabbling in management training as a hobby. Their unusual concept for management training was to take executives to the Gettysburg Battlefield for a three-day in-depth study of the trials and tribulations faced by generals and their men during the Civil War as a way to talk about corporate management styles.


To turn a part-time hobby into a thriving business.


Tigrett Corporation wanted to use media relations as a way to gauge whether or not there was interest in their concept and to see if media relations could drive their business. The challenge was to differentiate Tigrett Corporation in the eyes of the business media who were not interested in covering management training programs.

The Solution...

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The strategy was to target top national business publications and explain why.


Thousands of clippings were generated including the breaking of the story by The Wall Street Journal (front page just below the masthead), a front page story in The Washington Post, which was then syndicated via the Associated Press wire and ran as a front page story in newspapers around the country, including.